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If you want to be successful would you ask for advice from someone who is successful or from someone who hasn’t?

One of the best ways to achieve your personal or business goals, is to understand how successful people do it.

These valuable insights can serve you, to adopting their behaviour in your life.

Belief I Win

“The empires of the future are empires of the mind.”

Winston Churchill

Conor McGregor, the Irish Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, truly takes the sport by storm with his Belief in himself …

In Sweden, at his first UFC fight, Conor destroyed his opponent  in 67 seconds. That magic number changed the landscape of what we know about and how we define success in martial arts.

He won the fight, and He was screaming, “60G baby!!!”.

What began as a dream, really became true, later that night when he got an extra 60G in prize money for Knockout of the Night. However, the most important fact of that day was the detail that he predicted what would happen before it happened.

Since that day, his performance inside and outside the cage has broken all previous assumptions. A new age has begun, and a new King has arrived.

“What is the difference that makes the difference?”

Self Belief is the key that unlocks the door of the kingdom.

Modelling with Logical Levels

There are many people who believe in the idea of “power of the mind”. They understand the possibility of manipulating modelling-with-logical-levelsthings or getting things done as they set it in their mind. It is also the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body that allows our total being to submit to whatever we set in our minds. Sometimes people have a vision, and they meditate on it in order to concentrate that vision and bring it into reality, especially if it will bring fortune or goodness.

Conor McGregor, the Mixed Martial Arts fighter from Ireland, manifests the value of this kind of thinking and shows how powerful it can be.

Conor has many testimonies to his success in the sport, which came into reality because of his vision and his ability to set his mind to achieve those things. He understands the value of believing in oneself, because he recognizes that such power can unlock and open opportunities for success in one’s life. People can use these modelling tools to unleash and discover the process through which Conor has put in so many outstanding performances. This will provide the necessary information for helping others to attain optimum success in their chosen field by following the journey of this sports enthusiast.

The NLP logical levels found in modelling can explain Conor’s underlying values, ideas, and beliefs, as well his experiences and the reasons behind his mentality leading to his winning. His firm belief in his visualization is also his stepping stone to winning everyone one of his fights.

Why use this?

Developing the skills to use the logical levels adds depth and precision to our understanding of other people’s success. Moreover, it provides a structured method for using logical levels in our own lives as a model of personal improvement.

The primary logical level in modelling is the environment. This factor is the starting point for how Conor obtained his vision. The place or the surroundings that people are in aids in the possibility of producing a positive vision that may serve as a stepping stone to attaining that positive vision. This factor brings an individual to have peace of mind and enables one to contentrate on what is most important in bringing a vision to fruition.

…isolation, visualization, dedication (…) only friends in the same path (…) Control the environment (…)


The next logical level in modelling is behavior. Conor’s vision became mirrored in his behaviour as a way to turn his vision into reality. Everything that you do must be in accordance with what you believe in. It may be manifested in how you carry yourself, in the way you dress, and even in the way you deal with different people. Your behaviour will depend on your vision, and if it promotes success, then your behaviour must show that you have the potential to be a successful individual. This can be seen in the way Conor handles himself in every situation; there is no doubt as to why other people look up to him. Also, his confidence in everything he does paves his path toward success.

I had said I was going to do it, and I did it looking good. Everyone just brings their shorts and T-shirt for afterwards, but not me, I ironed my suit jacket, a shirt, shoes… even my dickie bow.

This behaviour represents excellence inside and outside the cage.


Believing in your capabilities is also a manifesting factor of victory, as Conor has proven to everybody. Everything that he envisions and the feeling it creates of becoming successful in everything he does leads him to the state of obtaining improvement in every action he takes, especially in his sport. He understands which areas of his game need improvement, so he tries to turn those weaknesses into strengths. This allows him to become a more and more influential fighter. His hardwork, drive, and talent are unique, but they can also be manifested in others who are willing to have the same amount of confidence in their abilities.

I’ve seen things; I’ve visualized things happening before my eyes… I can almost predict the future at this stage.

I feel like I can do it better than anyone out there.

I’m more critical of myself than anyone else. The areas of my game that I want to improve…

Calm in my mind to prepare my body. There isn’t no opponent. You are against yourself, beating your mind.

The fight is always in my head.  I think (…) I feel number one.

Your confidence in your abilities can be practiced and even honed by envisioning that you are already there. You can also calm or set your mind to prepare your body to act in accordance to your vision of success. There is no other enemy in obtaining your utmost potential. You are competing against yourself to keep on improving. Always keep in mind that you can do everything that you think you want to do. You just need to meditate on that thought and then act on it. In doing so, you will really obtain the kind of success you want in your chosen undertaking. It is just a matter of strongly believing in your abilities and responding to your vision. That will carry you to your future success.


Conor’s inculcated beliefs as well as values also contribute to his capacity to win every fight and make his career a success. This is how he focuses on his set goals in order to attain what he wants and be a successful fighter. And these beliefs and values are what give him his unique identity and enable him to be good at what he believes in. He is known for being a fighter who believes that Irish men are best in the world. This belief frames his identity and gives him a specific idea to focus and act upon. His identity cannot be separated from who he truly is as he follows the path of becoming a successful fighter.

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a dream to make fighting a career… That’s my life every day… and that’s it…

I’m prepared for all outcomes and any scenario….

I don’t dwell on the opponent. I focus on myself and what I’m good at. And that’s it. I don’t put my opponent on a pedestal, I don’t overestimate them, I don’t underestimate them, I don’t do anything to them. That doesn’t exist…

That is no disrespect to them or anyone. I respect anyone that gets in there. It’s just my approach. I don’t focus on them.

I’m doing this to secure my family’s future… I want them to come into a good life.


Conor’s encompassing spirituality, which is also his vision is an undeniable factor that will lead him to victory despite hard times. He accepts and understands the idea of appreciating whatever circumstances life has to offer. Conor knows how to appreciate everything around him, and he is grateful and appreciative for every good thing life brings him.

I’m aware of everything.

I’m an Irish man and the best in the world…celebrate your surroundings. This is my home.

This game is about growth. I will be one of the greats.

My mind is set to read other people. Know myself to know other people.

Hard work…Dedication…Love.


His spirituality can inspire people to fight against all the odds in this world and reap the goodness it may bring in life. His greatest ambition is representing Ireland.

Fighting is 100% mental.

To get to the pinnacle of your true love, everything else can not exist.


Carry the 3 colours (…) our little nation carries height all over the world

Representing our country.

Be grateful, appreciate and bring good things.

A nation behind me.

Make simple. Embrace the moment.

A special mention to his Coach John Kavanagh and his team SBG, no man is an island…

Conor  tattooed the “Celtic Tiger” and the Kings Crown… The king is dead, long live the King!

The logical level of modelling can really explain the hidden concepts behind Conor’s success, as stated above. It simply starts with a vision that serves as a mental map leading to his success. He was able to organize his future accomplishments and connect them to his emotional belief. As he searched for his own identity, he was also able to experience the future that he wanted in his life as a fighter. The impact that he has created in and for his country is what he considers his greatest impact for the nation where he belongs.

Conor’s journey can serve as a guiding path for people who also want to attain success in life. It only requires using the power of your mind while believing in your capabilities.

He is a Dreamer, Realist, Critic, King, a Believer.

Envision the future, create the future.

To rephrase Lao Tzu,

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single [belief].