Learned From

Brian Colbert

He is regarded as one of today’s leading consultants in the area of Personal Growth in Europe. Brian is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, qualified Hypnotherapist, and Psychotherapist. Brian has also been successful as a Corporate Trainer & Consultant, with experience in the media, providing interviews, TV programs, and radio. Brian has released two best-selling books that have made a pronounced impact overseas, being translated into a number of different languages worldwide.

Owen Fitzpatrick

He is an international best-selling author, psychologist, trainer, and speaker, who is regarded as a leading expert on Influence. Owen has trained people in more than 28 countries across the globe. He has written six books that have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Owen helps people to become more influential, have a greater impact, and become more effective doing what they do. He is an expert on storytelling, persuasion, and the psychology of decision-making.

Richard Bandler

He is co-developer of NLP, also known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, conducts NLP seminars, NLP workshops, and NLP training seminars internationally. He continually develops new human change technologies. The Society of NLP, founded by Dr. Bandler, has over 600 Institutes around the world. Dr Bandler is a consultant to many Fortune 500 Companies.

Paul McKenna

He is the number one hypnotherapist in the world and is renowned for helping people treat the most difficult problems. Recognized by The Times of London as one of “the world’s most important modern self-help gurus,” Paul McKenna is the UK’s most successful non-fiction author. I Can Make You THIN is the best-selling self-help book in UK history. His other successful titles include Quit Smoking.

Poll Moussoulides

He is one of Europe’s most sought-after Voice Coaches and Personal Performance Specialists. He’s coached people at the top of their professions, including Mia Farrow, Whoopi Goldberg, Robbie Coltrane, Cillian Murphy, Richard Dreyfus, Andrea Corr, Elijah Wood, Timothy Dalton, Brendan Gleeson, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Pierce Brosnan, and Martin Sheen.

Tom Ziglar

Fifty years’ experience being a Ziglar and 20 years as the CEO of The Zig Ziglar Corporation and Ziglar, Inc. His greatest work passion is Ziglar Legacy Certification (ZLC). According to Tom, ‘ZLC is the fulfilment of the Zig Ziglar Legacy’. Personal Mission Statement: ‘My mission is to help you become significant by equipping you to help others become significant.’

Mary Hensley

Mary Helen Hensley is a published author with Simon & Schuster and Book Hub Publishing. Wit, Wisdom, and WOW are synonymous with Dr. Mary Helen Hensley. Her marriage of no-holds-barred humour and honesty with integrity and compassion make her one of Ireland’s most sought-after metaphysical healers and synergistic speakers. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Graphic Design, Mary Helen went on to receive a Doctorate of Chiropractic in America, and she practiced in Ireland from 1999 until 2012. She has facilitated the healing process for countless individuals, all initially referred to her by word-of-mouth.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an American life-coach, self-help guru, motivational speaker, and author. The most famous works of his career are his books,Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within, and his innovatively designed seminars include ‘Unleash the Power Within’ and ‘Mastery University’. He has been featured in magazines like Time,Newsweek, Fortune, Forbes, Life,GQ, Vanity Fair, Businessweek, etc. He also co-hosted ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’ with Oprah Winfrey on the OWN Network.

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer. Marianne has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Charlie Rose & Bill Maher. Six of her eleven published books have been New York TimesBest Sellers. A paragraph from that book, beginning “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” is considered an anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers.

Rasmus Ankersen

Rasmus Ankersen is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker on performance development, and trusted advisor to businesses and athletes around the world. With his most recent book, The Gold Mine Effect, Rasmus has taken another step into the secrets of high performance, becoming the only expert on the subject who has literally lived and trained with the best athletes on the planet. The Gold Mine Effect is now published in more than 40 countries. Over the past few years, Rasmus has been hired by global brands like LEGO, Google, Boston Consulting Group, IKEA, Google, Rotman Business School, Nasdaq, Ernst & Young, and many more to share his research on high-performance cultures. His next book, Hunger in Paradise, will be released in 2016.

Adrian Mitchell

Qualified as a counsellor in 1991. He trained in Family Therapy, Psychosynthesis, and Critical Incident Stress Management before getting involved in coaching. He trained on the first coaching course in Ireland in 2000 and then received further training in England in 2001 before setting up a coach training company in Ireland. He is a certified NLP practitioner and is one of a very few in Europe who have been trained in Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual laws of Success for the Corporate Sector.

James Sweetman

He is a highly rated and well-respected Executive and Personal Coach, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Columnist. James’ ability to inspire audiences comes from his unique blend of professionalism, insight, and humour. These qualities, teamed with the directness and honesty that his topics require, have resulted in an impressive client list, both in Ireland and overseas.

Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter works with you to experience a better life, and, according to our feedback, working with Stephen creates positive change in your life. As a fully accredited Psychotherapist and Personal Development Coach, Stephen offers effective solution-focused interventions for your life. With a solid business background, having worked with American multinationals in Ireland for almost twenty years, Stephen has extensive experience working with many of life’s challenging issues. Stephen offers therapeutic interventions for members of the general public, businesses, and corporate and semi-state bodies.

Jack Black

MindStore is, at its core, a Personal Development and Performance Improvement Programme. The success and long-term effectiveness of the MindStore approach is reflected by over half a million global participants and the hundreds of companies and organisations large and small who have engaged us over the past 25 years. The MindStore System is entirely unique, and, having experienced it working across most sectors and at all levels in organisations, we proudly recognise that if the methods didn’t work then we would have been found out long before now.

Jimmy Petruzzi

Jimmy Petruzzi is a world-renowned performance coach and NLP, CBT, and Hypnotherapy Expert. For over 15 years he has worked with many top professional soccer teams and individuals in the English premiership and worldwide. He also works with international and Olympic athletes and consults with sports organisations, businesses, and associations, helping them to achieve peak performance in all aspects of their lives. Jimmy has worked with thousands of people worldwide and is a sought-after and highly regarded speaker for international conferences and seminars. Jimmy is a regular columnist for several leading publications, including Peak Performance and Mens’ Fitness, and he appears regularly on radio and television news and sports-related documentaries.

Margaret Considine

M.D. of Equita Consulting and Considine Consulting, specialises in Negotiations, Mediations, Grievance and Complaint Investigations, and Bullying and Harassment. Margaret lectures and teaches regularly to Master’s level students and specialises in Executive Development, Training, and Coaching nationally & internationally.

Brian L. Weiss

M.D., the best-selling author ofMany Lives, Many Masters and several other books, is a psychiatrist who lives in Miami, Florida, where he maintains a private practice. In addition, Dr. Weiss conducts national and international seminars and experiential workshops, as well as training programs, for professionals.

Eric Thomas

PhD is a critically acclaimed author, world-renowned speaker, educator, pastor, and audible.com, Audie Awards Finalist. ET, as he is better known, has taken the world by storm with his creative style and high-energy messages. His words continue to impact tens of millions of people in in over a hundred countries across the planet! Through a significant social media presence and his recent domestic and international tours, ‘ET, The Hip Hop Preacher’ has become a global phenomenon!

Eoin McCabe

Eoin McCabe is a Co-Founder of the Irish Lifecoach Institute and has been training coaches since 2001. He holds a Master’s Degree in Career Guidance from Trinity College, and he is certified by the British Psychological Society in Level A (Occupational) and Level B (Personality) testing. Eoin has written many magazine and press articles on the areas of career management, career change, and personal development.

Brian Foley

Brian Foley has worked in the addiction field for over 25 years. Brian completed his Motivational Interviewing Training in Spain in 1999. He is currently the Community Detox Facilitator for the Ballymun area and employed as Client Programmes Co-ordinator for a North Dublin addiction agency. He is a member of the Addiction Counsellors of Ireland and the Motivational Interviewing Network.

Karl Anthony

Karl Anthony, Adv. Hip. MIHA ICHI is a professional hypnotist. Over the years, Karl has performed thousands of successful sessions with clients and covered all manner of problems . Karl’s interest in hypnosis began at the age of 17 when he first read a book on hypnosis. Since then, he has made a lifelong study of the subconscious mind, and it is through his knowledge of how our minds work that Karl is able to perform such powerful hypnosis sessions and change the lives of his clients in a matter of hours or even minutes. Karl is also the Director and Senior Trainer for the Clinical Hypnosis Training Institute of Ireland, the largest hypnosis training organisation in Ireland.

Marian Byrne

She has worked as a full-time professional coach for the past 12 years, working both on a one-to-one basis and with groups. She has developed and run programmes and courses for a number of large organisations, including Permanent TSB, Citigroup, SAP, UCD, ESB, and Arthur Cox, amongst others. She has extensive experience running coach-training programmes and has been actively involved in this area since 2006. At present, she is a lead facilitator with the Irish Lifecoach Institute. She was a coaching consultant for stress management/confidence on the RTE programme ‘How long will you live’ and is a regular contributor to Newstalk radio, East Coast Radio, and several newspapers and magazines. She is also author of the book Adding Life to Your Years.