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Put Your Work Stress Into Context

Put your work stress into context

If you are suffering with stress at work, and let’s face it, we all have that problem sometimes then try this 10 minute mind exercise to put everything into context.

Park your car a little away from work in a safe place where you will not be disturbed.

Turn off the engine

Open the window slightly

Tell yourself “I am positive about the day – I am looking forward to . . .(pick one thing and focus on it, it doesn’t matter how small you will be able to find one thing in the whole day which feels okay)

Take 10 deep breaths- tense and relax your feet and your hands  – visualise yourself as standing tall, strong, glowing at the centre of the room

Now take your ‘to do’ list for the day

Now focus on something worrying you

Ask yourself

Must I do this?

If the answer is “yes” then ask:

How bad is it?

(Compared to, for example illness in the family, or the loss of a dear friend)

It’s probably not that bad. Then ask yourself: Is this uncomfortable or inconvenient rather than disastrous?

So in this uncomfortable situation can you take control? Decide you are going to lessen its impact. You may still find it unpleasant but there will be at least one thing you can do to make it less unpleasant.

Imagine yourself doing that thing as strongly as you can

Imagine the best realistic outcome

See it

Make it brighter

Hear it

Make it louder


Let your tongue fall to the bottom of your mouth

Put your hands on your abdomen

Breathe deeply from your nostrils

Tense and relax your feet calf and thigh muscles in order

Tense and relax your hands forearms and shoulder muscles

Shut your eyes

Tell yourself

I am able to do the best for me today. I am looking forward to having the best day I can

Get on with your day.