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Work, Stress, ANXIETY

Put your work stress into context

If you are suffering with stress at work, and let’s face it, we all have that problem sometimes then try this 10 minute mind exercise to put everything into context. Park your car a little away from work in a…

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New Colour Yourself Confident

CALMING ANXIETY Colour it confident

CALMING ANXIETY Colour it confident This week I want to talk to you about colour. At some deep level we all know that colour is important in our lives. I bet you will feel better when you are dressed in…

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What is visualisation?

Using visualisation to prepare your future Why should I try it? Take the next few moments to think about having the best holidays of your life or what you want in the future. What just happened is that you created…

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How to cope with anxiety

What changes would you like to make? We all get stressed from time to time but if you feel very out of sorts then here is a quick checklist of dos and don’ts. This is a useful list, but I…

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Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Often clients will ask; “Does Hypnotherapy Work”? For many the proof is in how much better they feel, even after one session. Often they are amazed at the change. I know that from my own clients. Nearly all leave my…

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Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety feels rotten It is no exaggeration to say that most of my clients have some level of anxiety when they come to see me. Even if they have come to see me about something else, they are often in an anxious…

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